About Us

Originally organized as a water association, Madison County Water Facilities Board has served rural customers with water since 1973. Funding was obtained for USDA-Farmers Home Administration loans and grants. Water service was started with one deep well that served approximately 500 customers in the Forum, Alabam, Hartwell, and Hindsville areas.

When it became apparent that the well could not meet the demands of the growing system, the Association became a wholesale customer of the Madison County Regional Water District in the early 1990's. The well was abandoned and later sold. The system then expanded into the Bohannan Mountain, Drakes Creek, Georgetown areas in the mid 1990's and again expanded in the Clifty area in the the late 1990's. The Mayfield extension was completed in 2005, the Aurora-Witter extension in 2007 and finally the Venus Mountain and Marble-Kingston systems in 2009. The system serves over 3,600 customers. In 2001, the Association changed the organization to the Madison County Water Facilities Board in order to fund future projects from other sources that just government loans and grants.

The Facilities Board is considered a special purpose governmental agency due to the fact that the Board was appointed by the County Judge and the Quorum Court, but conducts business-like activities completely separate from the County government. Also in 2001, the Facilities Board completed construction on a new office building located at 27271 Highway 23 just south of the town of Huntsville. 

The Facilities Board's primary source of revenue is the sale of water, both residential and wholesale. Along with the 4,100 residential customers on service, the Facilities Board sells wholesale water to Mount Olive Water Association and Benton County Water Association #5.

The following map shows the existing areas in yellow that are currently served with water. The only area in the county that is not currently served with water by the Facilities Board is the very southern portion of the county. The fate of this extension is still not known at this time.


MCWFB Service Area